Monday, September 5, 2016

Harvesting Honey Part 2 - Bee Vlog - Sep 5, 2016

Now in Part 2 I show how I extract the honey from the combs with inexpensive (less than $40 USD) equipment. In Part 1 I showed how to remove honey supers from a hive easily and without disturbing the bees.

Video Link

For more information about the expense of wax production.


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    1. I have done it before and I didn't like the results. Exposed honey during a nectar dearth can induce a robbing frenzy. Even if it's inside another hive. I had a hive get robbed out by one of its really strong neighbors when I gave them wet frames. Even entrance reducers weren't enough. When feeding sugar or honey we really need to be extra careful during the dearth. Bees smell the sugar/honey really well and can easily overpower a hive. If it absolutely must be done during a dearth then I recommend installing robbing screens.

    2. Oh no! How did I manage to delete my original question?! Arrrgghh! Thanks for the above info, Bill - makes sense.