Friday, September 14, 2018

Making Pollen Patties with Mandy Shaw

Hey everyone! Long time no post! I've been getting some emails and messages from people wondering if I'm okay and still keeping bees. Thanks for checking up on me everybody! :)

Yes, I'm still alive and doing well. I'm also still actively keeping bees, but also engaging (or re-engaging) in other hobbies. I currently don't have any time to shoot, edit, and publish videos, so that's not happening. I'm still active in my local beekeeping group, although no longer president or on the board. I've passed the torch on. In fact, the new president is none-other than my friend Mandy Shaw who just launched a new beekeeping podcast: Beekeeper Confidential. And I had the honor of participating in one of her episodes where we made pollen patties together. Go check it out: Episode 2 | Pollen Patties.