Friday, February 20, 2015

Honey On Tap? - Bee Vlog Review

Have you been seeing this advertisement for the Flow Hive all over the internet like I have? I'll give you my thoughts on the product in this video.

Check it out for yourself:

Here's the patent.

Video Link


  1. Hey, Bill---I got this from you in response to my comment on your YouTube review of the FlowHive, but all remarks I made as well as Mr Silva's remark I was responding to have disappeared! what happened? Here is the email I got from you this morning---

    Re: I myself do not have any beekeeping experience...

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    +genobird Very eloquent! I want your post cross-stitched and hung in my room. Bravo! :)
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  2. wonderful rebuttal of hype and magical thinking

  3. you never stated why the flow hive is bad