Monday, October 20, 2014

Hive Entrance Follow-up - Bee Vlog - Oct 18, 2014

I'm really liking the alternative entrances I've been adding to the beehives this year, and it looks like the bees like them as well. The 1" holes seem to give plenty of room for bees to come and go, even in heavy traffic, but remain easy to guard. I'm going to be modifying more hives next year to use this same method.

But there's still more to be learned from this design. This year it's only been used on 1st year hives that are still relatively small. I don't know what to expect on larger hives and during a major nectar flow. I'm interested to see if holes in every box have an effect on how the bees organize the interior of the hive. So those are some of the observations to be made next year.

Video Link

If you want to re-watch or catch how this started, here's the start of the modified hive entrance experiment.

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