Saturday, September 7, 2013

Bee Vlog - September 2, 2013

It's time to make the final inspections of the year. In this video I also recap the 2013 season with the origins and progress each hive has made.

Most of the hives look to be in good condition. If I were to give letter grades to their conditions they would be graded as follows (in order of video appearance):

Yard #1
Beatrice: C (some strange brood conditions, need to revisit in a couple weeks)
Flora: A (very healthy looking with great honey stores, +20 lbs in August)

Yard #2
Catherine: A (had extra honey I took off to save for winter feedings if necessary)
Guinevere: B (not growing very fast, but look to be healthy with good honey stores)

Yard #3
Dulce: A (good growth the first year with plenty stored up for winter)
Elizabeth: A (really grew fast for being a small swarm, +16 lbs in August)

Yard #4
Helen: A (has recovered very well from the cutout and is very strong, +30 lbs (wow!) in August)
Isabella: D (hasn't done well after the cutout, had to give them 2 frames of honey to help)

Yard #5
Jezebel: A (was a huge swarm and is a very booming hive, +15 lbs in August)

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