Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bee Vlog - April 10, 2012

Checking in on the hive to see if the queen is released. It started raining on me in the middle of the inspection and I made a few new mistakes. Still learning...

Also, this was Rachel's first visit out to the hive. It came as a huge surprise to me when she announced that she wanted to come along with me. Up until a few days ago she had an extreme fear of bees. I'm talking run the other way screaming type of fear. Today she was very brave and stood by and watched, showing no signs of fear or anxiety. She still says she "hates" bees and calls them "monsters," but I think she's all talk now and is starting to like them. I'm not going to push the issue though and see how far she's willing to take this on her own.

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